What is PRGF technology ?

PRGF® stands for Plasma Rich in Growth Factors. The technique was invented by Dr. Eduardo Anitua, founder and scientific director of the Bio Technology Institute. ENDORET uses plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) isolated from the patient’s blood. This technology differs from other autologous plasma biotechnologies (Platelet Rich plasma Plasma-PRP) in terms of the technique and the growth factors used.

This biomedical technology aims to stimulate tissue regeneration through the concentration and application of growth factors and other proteins present in the patient’s blood plasma.

This system allows us to obtain plasma rich in 100% autologous growth factors, which guarantees its biosafety and avoids the risk of rejection in the patient. The effectiveness and biosafety of this technique are certified by a large number of patients in more than 20 countries.

First, the patient’s blood is carefully drawn, similar to a routine blood test. Once the blood sample is taken, it goes through a centrifuge. Centrifugal force separates the components of the patient’s blood so that proteins and growth factors can be better identified from other blood products.


PRGF® technology is widely used in the field of dentistry, particularly in oral and maxillofacial surgery for several surgical procedures, including:

  • Bone dental grafts in preparation for implants or other
  • Sinus membrane elevation procedures to accommodate dental implants
  • Repair of bone defects after extraction of teeth or cysts
  • Oral-sinus communication repair
  • Treatments for osteonecrosis (patients taking medications such as fosamax, prolia, etc.)



Patients are the primary beneficiaries of many clinical benefits, including:

  • Increased biosecurity and predictability of dental implants
  • Promoting bone regeneration, increasing the predictability of complex surgeries
  • Stimulation of wound healing and regeneration of soft and bone tissues.
  • Reduced swelling and pain
  • Reducing the risk of infection and postoperative complications

Take advantage of this technology for all major or minor dental procedures

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